Friday, August 29, 2014


Today Josh told me that I was a "muffin top." I responded that that's not really a compliment...and he said "yeah huh! Muffin tops are the best! I'm saying you are a muffin top, I'm not saying you have one."
That story has nothing to do with the rest of this post...I just thought it was super hilarious.

Last week we went on a week long honeymoon to Emerald Isle, NC. Josh had never been to the Atlantic Ocean so it was a new experience for him. (Pro: warm water!  Con: waves aren't big enough for him)
We rented a beach house just a few steps away from the beach and it was perfect. We had the same schedule pretty much every day. Wake up, eat and go to the beach!

We added in a couple other activities like going to Beaufort which is supposed to be a cute, historic pirate town...we didn't really see the pirate theme except for one guy dressed up like a pirate (way to go man random man!) and we went to the aquarium (Josh had never been to one! Whaaaaat. I didn't know people like that existed...unless of course you count Cabellas cause he has been there...and Sea World). The aquarium was pretty great though and they had adorable sea otters.

(how many people can say they've taken a selfie with a dinosaur?!)

You know how sometimes you go to a mini-golf course and instead of playing you just walk around the course and look at it? Yeah? No? Is that just us? Cause that's what we did. The golf course looked super fun but it was expensive and actually a disappointment. Good thing we just walked through it and didn't actually play.

The rest of the week was a wonderful blur of sunshine, ice cream, wedding cake, tanning(maybe a little burning), playing in the waves, a plethora of delicious food and lots of good times.

P.S. YOHO means "you only honeymoon once." It all started as a joke and then turned in to a wonderful excuse to do things we wouldn't usually allow ourselves to do. Although I drew the line at renting a jet ski (60 dollars for half an hour?! Seriously?!) no matter how much Josh said "yoho."

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