Friday, December 19, 2014

We're Back!!

Hey y'all! Sorry I've been kinda MIA. Cue the usual excuses about being soo and work blah blah blah and yet all true.
So let's do a quick recap post for the past 3 months. (has it really been 3 months since the last time I posted?? Oh geez.)

-We went to Frightmares for the first time. I love Lagoon! Josh doesn't quite understand my love but he enjoys it still. There was a show of a bunch of guys dancing with was hysterical and confusing all at once. 

 -For Halloween we were Barbie and Ken and if I may say so we did a pretty good job. 

 -We finished off school strong...ish and are now celebrating 4 months without school. 
-I got Josh hooked on One Tree Hill and we are almost done! Proud of that accomplishment. 
-We have been celebrating every holiday every day. I found a website online that tells what every holiday is...and there is one every day and it is awesome! 
Aura Awareness Day 

Roof Over Your Head Day 

Bathtub Party Day

Now with some big news...we have decided to move to Minnesota for a few months while we are on a break from school! We are going to be working with my brother in law and his company. We are pretty excited for the new adventure and you'll be hearing plenty of stories!

Well, we are celebrating our own Christmas by ourselves before we head to his parent's house so I'll have to wrap *pun intended* up this post and go celebrate our Christmas Eve. Josh has never seen It's A Wonderful Life so that is on our list for tonight! Merry Jorgensen Christmas Eve :)

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