Thursday, March 3, 2016

36 Weeks!

How far along: 36 weeks
Baby size of: Honeydew melon! (when I showed Josh the picture of the cute fruit with the face he said "wow he's a chubster!")
Total weight gain: About 29 pounds 
Maternity clothes: Yup, all I wear! I did buy a super cute post baby swimsuit. I tried to try it on (just for laughs) but it definitely doesn't fit over my stomach haha
Sleep: I love sleep. I am not looking forward to waking up every few hours to feed our little man in the next few weeks. 
Cravings: Sweets! All the time! We've been eating a lot of ice cream lately...oops :) Also, I'm currently making chocolate chip cookies. 
Best moment this week: My baby shower! My sweet friend Haleigh threw me a baby shower and it was so fun! All my cute friends came and brought cute gifts and we felt so loved. I'm so grateful for the amazing support and friends we have! We also took maternity photos this week and we love them! 
Emotional moment this week: Our nursery is done! We are going to be revealing it soon and I can't wait!! Every time I look in that room my stomach does a million flips of excitement and nerves! 
Belly button: It's so funny looking! It hasn't popped out yet but it's all stretched out. My stomach is so pointy. 
Wedding ring on or off: I'm lucky enough to say I still haven't started swelling so I still get to wear my ring :) (for now)
Looking forward to: My birthday! My birthday is on Tuesday! Which means my birthday week is officially being celebrated! Also looking forward to revealing our nursery to everyone! It's so cute :) 

I can't believe Baby J is due exactly 4 weeks from today! It's like counting down to a vacation and feeling that excitement but also nerves because you still have a lot to do before the vacation. You're also a little scared that the plane or boat may crash and you might die (hello, fear of labor!) and with a baby, our life will never be the same. I don't think we can even imagine! I can't wait to see his little face :)

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