Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Baby Jorgensen!

We have officially announced that we are expecting a little baby Jorgensen in March 2016! Which means now that we have announced it we can share with everyone all of the exciting things that have been going on so far!! We are about 11 weeks along and we are soo excited!

We had our first ultrasound appointment a few weeks ago and it was such an incredible experience! We got to hear the heartbeat of Baby J and it was awesome. It's heartbeat was 172 bpm! It's insane how fast it was and they said it was nice and healthy (yay!) I didn't know the skin was so thin that you could actually see the heart beating....that was so amazing to watch the fluttering of our baby's heart. It was crazy to see our baby with little legs, arms and feet. It was honestly surreal to watch. Just to make it even more surreal Baby J decided to stretch while we were watching and we got to see this teeny, tiny human moving inside of me! 
Here are the two photos we got from the ultrasound. Look at the teeny, tiny feet :) We are already so in love! 

We officially announced the pregnancy a few days ago and here is the picture we used to announce it! :)
 It was so fun to draw and take the picture! (Josh drew the balloons by the way...I'm definitely not that artistic. We did a practice one off to the side and mine was a weird lopsided circle and his looked like a beautiful balloon! So obviously he drew all of them) It's so exciting to finally let all of our friends know!

A lot of people have been incredibly sweet and have been checking up on me and the horror of morning sickness. I call myself very lucky that I have not been attacked by that monster (yet...I'm really hoping it never happens but you never know...) I have a little bit of nausea and it goes away once I eat. The real monster that has attacked me is food aversions. I miss food! Oh how I used to love it and now nothing sounds good. I have the most amazing husband that sits in the kitchen and names off everything we have just to try and find something that sounds a least a smidge appealing. Then, of course he makes it because if I make it and smell it, I won't eat it :) I'm so in love with him too. I can't wait to see what the second trimester brings and hopefully it brings cravings because I can't wait to actually crave food! 

Thanks to everyone that has been reaching out to us and has been so kind and excited to share this news with us! We really do have the best friends and family :)

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