Thursday, September 17, 2015

I still have to go to school??

School officially started this week. I am so grateful for the timing of things that this is my last semester and that I will officially be graduated in December and before the baby comes. Thank goodness! Props to those moms that have gone to school with a young baby but I promise I could not be one of them!
Speaking of timing-I am so glad that I am 12 weeks along and that means my symptoms are settling down a little bit (I'm talking about you nausea and food aversions) In all honesty, my nausea has been kind to me this whole time and every day I am grateful for that. Now I just need my hormones to settle down a little and stop making me crazy. (Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have Josh? He's really the best!)
And for those of you worried about school-I'm taking 12 of the easiest credits and it's going to be a pretty great semester.

All is well in the Jorgensen house so far. Baby J is 12 weeks and that means baby is mostly fully developed and is really starting to grow. Yay!
We also got a new calling in our ward...nursery! Oh what a sense of humor...we will be with the 3 year olds so that should be a hoot.

And now I'm off to find something to eat...I was picky before I was pregnant but I think the baby is even pickier than I am!

P.S. We officially decided how we are going to decorate the baby's room and it's going to be soo cute!!

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