Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello third trimester

Today officially marks the beginning of my third trimester! It seems so close and yet still so far. We can't wait to meet our little man. I've been so lucky with my pregnancy that I really can't complain too much. The best feeling is his little baby kicks (although they are definitely getting stronger and stronger) and sharing the fun pregnancy experience with family and friends. We spent Christmas in North Carolina (more on that later) and it was so fun!

For the rest of the pregnancy I wanted to do the weekly pregnancy here we go!

How far along: 28 weeks
Baby size of: Eggplant/Coconut
Total weight gain: I've gained 18 pounds so far
Maternity clothes: I got my official first pair of maternity jeans last week and they are awesome! Seriously soo comfy. I also got another pair of pants, a dress and some it's official.
Sleep: Been sleeping pretty well except for the bathroom trip once a night. I love the crazy dreams you get while pregnant. They are so funny!
Cravings: Don't have anything too specific this week...just the usual sweets and junk food. He's definitely our child.
Aversions: Nope! Thankfully!
Best moment this week: Spending some time in North Carolina with my family.
Emotional moment this week: I maybe teared up on the plane because I really had to go to the bathroom and instead of standing by the door (they specifically tell you not to! Doesn't anyone listen??) I was sitting in my seat a few rows away from the bathroom and every time someone came out I stood up to go back there and someone would cut in front of happened like 4 times.
Belly button: Still in! It's stretching though...
Wedding ring on or off: ON! I haven't started swelling yet!
Looking forward to: Finishing the nursery!

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