Monday, January 11, 2016

The best parts of being sick while pregnant

I felt a cold coming on last night and sure enough when I woke up today I was feeling sick. So...the best parts of being sick while pregnant?

-You can't take any good medicine to help you through it.
-You can't take a bath and standing in the shower just isn't the same.
-You aren't hungry but it's kind of important to make sure you're feeding the little person inside of you.
-Sleeping is even harder than it already was.
-Believe it or not, life doesn't still have to work and do other stuff. (although I love my job and I work from home, so it could be worse)
-You're even more tired than you already were.
-You're even more emotional than you already were.
-As if you weren't hot enough just being pregnant, add in a fever and you're really loving life.
-You have an excuse to watch TV all day.
-Your husband takes care of you.

Okay, those last two are actually good ones. And hey, I got dressed and ready for the day so I'm off to a pretty impressive start.

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