Thursday, January 14, 2016

29 Weeks

How far along: 29 weeks
Baby size of: Pineapple :) Now I just want to go back to Hawaii!! 
Total weight gain: About 19 pounds
Maternity clothes: Still loving them and my leggings. 
Sleep: Like a log! I had the funniest dream this past week that Josh and I were meeting up on campus for lunch (which was actually at my old high school's cafeteria) and all these girls were coming up and flirting with him right in front of me. One even said she would take his backpack to class for him. When I told Josh about the dream he laughed and said "so flirtatious! Taking my bag to class for me!" hahaha 
Cravings: Currently it's cinnamon bread!! Just got a free slice from Great Harvest and it was soo good. 
Aversions: Nope. Food is awesome. 
Best moment this week: Josh and I went to Cold Stone this past weekend and they have that new fudge truffle ice's pretty much the best thing ever. It tastes like raw brownie mix! Yum! *This post talks about food a lot....I think it's time for lunch*
Emotional moment this week: After my dream I was pretty pathetically sad...considering it was a dream and not real and I don't even know who any of those girls were...
Belly button: IN!! Hasn't popped out yet! 
Wedding ring on or off: It is still on! I think all this cold winter weather has helped me from swelling. 
Looking forward to: A couple boxes coming in the mail from my Mom! More baby things! :)

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