Thursday, February 4, 2016

32 Weeks!

That is his little hand above his head! He sleeps just like Josh does :)

How far along: 32 weeks (8 months!!)
Baby size of: Squash 
Total weight gain: About 23 pounds...still growing about a pound a week. 
Maternity clothes: Still wearing them...I feel like I'm on the downward stretch with a month left so I don't think I need to buy any more. 
Sleep: Getting a little more difficult...still having hilarious dreams though. I woke up the other night to go to the bathroom and I was stumbling to the bathroom completely exhausted and thought "oh no, this is what I can expect soon as I get up every few hours to feed him..."
Cravings: Chocolate! Josh is definitely okay with it and is constantly helping me give in to the craving ;)
Aversions: Does my growing stomach make it look like I have food aversions??
Best moment this week: THE ULTRASOUND!! Seriously, I wish I could have my own little machine and just spend all day staring at him. He's so cute! His lips and his nose and his hair!! :)
Emotional moment this week: Nothing too funny or embarrassing to report this week. 
Belly button: Still in! Josh and I laugh because it's close to popping looks like it's half popped's thinking about it! 
Wedding ring on or off: Still on :) Thankful I haven't started swelling yet! 
Looking forward to: The Super Bowl! I know that's not really baby related but I'm looking forward to it! We got a bunch of delicious food and my home team is playing (Go Panthers!) 

This week was a good one! We had an ultrasound and it was perfect! Baby J is growing as he should be and he's in the right position and he has grown so much! We just die every time we look at those adorable lips and nose! Josh already thinks Baby J has his nose and I think it's so cute. During the ultrasound she even said that Baby J has hair!! She pointed out the little fuzzy on his head and said that it is his hair! With 8 more weeks to go, I'm excited to see how much he has when he's born! :)

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