Thursday, February 25, 2016

35 Weeks!

How far along: 35 weeks
Baby size of: Coconut! (which makes me dream of a wonderfully warm tropical island somewhere) 
Total weight gain: About 27 pounds 
Maternity clothes: Still love how comfy they are but I think I'm ready for normal clothes again
Sleep: I sleep pretty well thankfully. I've mastered the middle of the night bathroom trip while half asleep. I did wake up the other night because the poor little guy had hiccups haha! 
Cravings: Those muffins from Costco, the big chocolate ones...yeah those still sound awesome. Also a Fast Break. That's the best candy bar ever :)
Best moment this week: We decided we were going to try and take our own maternity photos instead of hiring someone right away. We went out and spent an hour taking some in the snow on Sunday and I love them! We got quite a few I liked (I'll post them soon!) and we are going to take some more this weekend since the weather is supposed to be nice. 
Emotional moment this week: I've been pretty good lately...nothing too funny or tragic to report. I did have a scary moment when Josh and I realized that the baby could come early and we aren't ready. Don't worry-we are now ready! Hospital bag is now packed and ready to go! :)
Belly button: Honesty I still can't believe it hasn't popped out yet. It's stretched just about as far as it can...I just wonder if my belly button is too shallow to even pop out! haha! 
Wedding ring on or off: I still wear my ring...just not my band. It's a little tighter than my ring and if anything crazy happens I don't want to risk them having to cut it off! (cause that's a thing right...people have some crazy stories...I don't want my wedding ring being cut off!)
Looking forward to: My baby shower!! My wonderful friend is throwing me a couple's baby shower on Saturday and I can't wait! It's going to be so fun! 

This week has been a good one! Our little man is doing great, moving like crazy and has the hiccups at least once a day. Josh gets the hiccups if he eats without drinking and we've noticed a trend that Baby J gets hiccups when I eat....I've guess we've got a mini-Josh. Our nursery is done except for one thing! We can't wait to share it with everyone! (my Mom is bringing our curtains...soo those won't be here for another month or so haha but it's still cute!)
Also, the weather is finally warming up and we are loving it!! :)

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