Thursday, February 18, 2016

34 Weeks!

How far along: 34 weeks
Baby size of: Butternut squash 
Total weight gain: I've gained 27 pounds so far but I'm pretty sure I'm going to gain 50 more pounds in the last few weeks...I'm always starving! Food is the awesome. 
Maternity clothes: Are the best! 
Sleep: Sleeping like a rock again. I love sleep. I have the funniest dreams! Although I did freak out a couple nights ago because Josh and I were cuddling and in my dream he had a spider in his hand and kept putting it in my face. 
Cravings: Yesterday it was those big chocolate muffins from Costco. We went and got some and they were perfect. The lady at the store was soo nice. I asked if they had chocolate chips inside and she opened one of the boxes and cut one in half and gave Josh and I both half to try them. She was my new favorite person. 
Aversions: Nope! I just said food was awesome!
Best moment this week: Valentine's weekend was super fun! (see previous post for all the details!)
Emotional moment this week: Embarrassingly enough, I had one today. Josh and I went to the career fair and I heard him talking to schools and employers and I was just so happy and overcome with pride. He has grown so much and it was so awesome listening to him talking about what he wants and his future. I was trying to keep my emotions in check haha I also watched What to Expect While You're Expecting and cried a whole lot. That movie is too emotional for a pregnant lady! 
Belly button: In, in in! 
Wedding ring on or off: Half on? Haha my wedding band is a little tight to take off so I've been too scared to wear it. The ring is still good though! 
Looking forward to: Finishing the nursery! We officially have 2 or 3 things left and then it's done!! It looks so good :) I can't wait to share it with you guys! 

This week was a pretty good one with Valentine's Day and almost finishing the nursery :) I can't believe how close it is getting to our due date. I keep thinking he's going to come early and then I think that's probably how all pregnant women think because that's what they want haha It is a little scary not knowing when or what to expect but I guess that's all just a part of the fun!

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