Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentine's Day!

I love assorted chocolate! Seriously, Josh hears me talk about them all the time. That suspense of biting in and not knowing what you're going to get is the best!! So he spoiled me a little bit...that box is huge! 

I'm such a sucker for holidays! I love them and any excuse to celebrate!
Our Valentine's Day was perfect this year. It was low key and some good alone time (can you believe this was our last Valentine's Day just the two of us??) On Saturday Josh spoiled me and went out and got me flowers and doughnuts to start the day :) Then we hung out with our friends Haleigh and Drew and played the Wii. We officially started our Valentine's Day early by going to Chili's for dinner. It was super delicious!! When we came back I gave Josh a part of his present...some yummy Oreo heart truffles I made. Then Sunday came and we were able to go listen to Elder Rasband and his wife speak about love and was perfect! Such a happy meeting and I loved all the marriage advice! Then we came home and had a nice relaxing afternoon together. We exchanged gifts and Josh made me a cute romantic candlelight dinner (peanut butter Thai chicken...yum!) 
The fact that the next day was President's Day so Josh didn't have to work and we got to wake up together was definitely a nice bonus to the weekend :)
Hope everyone had a great day/weekend celebrating love!! 

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