Thursday, March 10, 2016

37 Weeks!

How far along: 37 weeks
Baby size of: Winter Melon (what's a winter melon??) 
Total weight gain: About 30 pounds! Oh boy! 
Maternity clothes: Yeah! We scored this week and found 2 awesome pairs of maternity jeans at DI! I'm going to live in them for the next 3 weeks. 
Sleep: I love sleep and I love my pregnancy dreams. I had the funniest dream this past week. I gave birth to a flying squirrel haha! I was really concerned because he was a little small so I decided to put him back for a couple more weeks. Oh geez! 
Cravings: He (and by him, I mean me...) still loving those sweets! It helps that my birthday was this past week and I got lots of yummy treats. 
Best moment this week: My birthday! So fun! I'll post a different blog about it later but it was great :) 
Emotional moment this week: I had my fair share of pregnancy hormones and some tears. But that comes with the territory right?
Belly button: It's not really out...but it's not in. It's just kind of flat. 
Wedding ring on or off: I'm still lucky enough to wear it! Glad I haven't swollen up yet! 
Looking forward to: Meeting our little man! I'm officially full term so from here on out it's just a waiting game. Crazy!! 

Happy 37 weeks to us! I'm officially considered full term! It is crazy! I can't believe how fast it's gone, but also I feel like I've been pregnant forever! It's kinda scary not knowing when he's coming but the doctor said she wouldn't be surprised if we went to the due date. So I guess we will see! We are still loving life and soaking up all these moments of us time before he comes :)

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