Thursday, March 24, 2016

39 Weeks!

How far along: 39 weeks
Baby size of: A watermelon! Eek! That's too big! I think it's time for him to come now! 
Total weight gain: I've gained about 33 pounds. My doctor joked it was all in my stomach but that kind of scares me to think that I could be having a big baby! 
Maternity clothes: I'm due in 7 days...obviously I'm wearing maternity clothes ha!
Sleep: It's definitely a lot harder in the last few weeks to sleep. I think it's a mix of anxiety and excitement. For some reason I don't think about baby coming during the day but every time I go to bed I think "this could be it! He could come!" 
Cravings: Still sweets mostly. He really likes his chocolate. 
Best moment this week: Not baby related...but Josh and I had a super fun St. Paddy's Day together :) also-it was beautiful weather on Sunday and we loved it. (Course, it's been cold and cloudy ever since...)
Emotional moment this week: Just lots of excitement and nerves and anxiety!! 
Belly button: It's pretty out. It kind of pops in and out depending on how I'm sitting.  
Wedding ring on or off: ON! :)
Looking forward to: Meeting Baby J! Josh and I realize every day how close we are to having the baby and we can't even imagine it! 

Things have been good here! The last few weeks definitely get harder but I've been so lucky with this pregnancy, I really can't complain. I can still walk and jump around (I try to hop around the apartment...don't want baby to be too comfortable and stay in there forever!) and I'm not sick or overly tired of being pregnant. I am definitely ready to meet our little man but I can't complain about the pregnancy. I am pretty terrified of labor though!! I think I've been having contractions but they aren't consistent and they don't hurt. I just get the tightening of my belly and no pain along with it. I've been keeping track of them but they aren't frequent enough yet to really worry. Hopefully that just means my body is preparing for him to come! 
We can't wait! The idea that we will have a baby in the next week is crazy! So many emotions! 

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